Mohsen Aabed Mohammad El Saadani



Master’s degree in «Information» The Thesis is entitled: «Storage and retrieval of the poetic texts in the electronic environment»


«Thanks and Appreciation» certificate from Benha University for Computer work in cultural season of University. 

Honour and Appreciation» certificate from Arts for his efforts in serving the Faculty in silver jubilee ceremonies. 

Honour and Appreciation» certificate from the Faculty of Specific Education for his exerted efforts in training employees staff of the Faculty on computer for 18 months. 

Computer Courses

Introduction to PC and DOS Operation System –IDSC – ITI -1995

Windows 3.11 –IDSC – ITI -1995

Dbase IV –IDSC – ITI -1995

Computer Trainer Preparing Program (240 H) –IDSC – ITI -1996

Advanced Excel –IDSC – ITI -1998

Computer Maintenance –IDSC – ITI -1996

Oracle Developer – SDA – (60 Hours) -1999

Oracle SQL – SDA – (60 Hours) -1999

Win 2000 Prof., & Server – AMAC – (30 Hours) -2001

Win 2000 Infra., – AMAC – (30 Hours) -2001

Win 2000 Dir., Services – AMAC – (30 Hours) -2001

Computer Maintenance – The Ministry of Administrative Development - Center for Leadership Development – 2003

Internet – Computer centre – Zagazig University -2003

ITC Training program  – (114 Hours) Benha University -2007

Workshop on "training of trainer (TOT) for ICDL training, at the higher Institute for Technology (27-28, October)

Central Agency for Organization and Administration

Computer Maintenance – The Ministry of Administrative Development - Center for Leadership Development – 2003



Professional Experience

He does the examination of the subject (Computer practical) – for the Faculty students from 1999 up till now.

12 year experience in teaching and training the computer from 1999 up till now for school, institutes and university students and teaching staff members and their supporters on deferent programs and operating systems and their various version.

Experienced as a trainer and assistant trainer on the computer from 1996 (900 hr. – Information centre)

Experienced in the computer from 1991 (more than 10,000 hours on operating systems: DOS, Win 95, Win 98, Win me, Win 200, Win XP, Win Vista, Microsoft Office programs).

Experienced in labs management and training university students on the computer from 1999.

Working as training program for teaching staff members and their supporters and employees on the computer – The Higher council of University – from 2006 up till now (800 hr training)

Experienced in preparing scientific content of different programs and their and development in addition to preparing and designing books, references and notes.

Computer skills

Experience in training and programming in VB6 & as well as office training and programming using BVA and setting up web sites.


Technical secretary of «Library Today» Magazine

Contribution to introducing computer system to register the results of different years in the faculty

Sharing in preparing the list of postgraduate studies of the faculty of Arts (Accredited hours system)

Contribution to setting up the tests lab ICDL in the faculty of Arts


Database project for personal affairs – Benha university

Result programs project for the fourth year – Faculty of Arts

Website of the faculty of Arts – Benha university -(Under construction) (Collecting scientific materials, preparing, designing, carrying out, programming and supervision)

Several projects regarding Master's degree and PhD students